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it's a temporary position at paragon outlets in livermore set to open november 8. it might not be her dream job, but... >> feels good just to be working again. >> reporter: while the new job numbers sound positive with the addition of 171,000 jobs, the reality is, many of those are part time. >> we have 8.3 million workers nationwide who are working involuntarily part time that is they are counted as employed as payroll jobs but they are working less than 35 hours. many only 5, 10, 15 hours. >> reporter: they are called the underemployed. people like matt who make ends meet with multiple jobs, stocking shelves at two jobs. >> it's hard. >> reporter: companies rely on part-timers to cut costs. one group went from something 70% full timers 20 years ago to
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now 70% part-timers. they are also using new technology that sets employee hours by tracking the ebb and flow of customer traffic. >> technology destroys jobs. >> reporter: for people like karen, part time is enough time for now. >> hoping this will be the start of the next big thing for me. >> reporter: so the jobs market is gaining momentum but many of those out there are paying less and less. meanwhile, the paragon outlet mall in livermore is in the process of hiring more than 2,000 part time and full-time workers. in livermore, elissa harrington, cbs 5. >> a new poll shows a dramatic shift in the way californians think about the death penalty. cbs 5 political reporter grace lee on how they may be ready to end capital punishment here. grace. >> reporter: records the field poll has been asking this questions for six decades typically they would vote no supporting the death penalty.
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right now at this time in fact cycle most people vote no if they're undecided. that's not what we're seeing in this poll. it surprised a lot of people including the field commissioner himself. >> however this initiative to replace the death penalty with life in prison without the possibility of parole is gaining steam. reporter: the crisscross shows that 45% of californians want to get rid of the death penalty by voting yes on proposition 34 while 38% want to keep tha maximum penalty. >> this is another case where if this should pass a big reason for its passage would be because of ethnic voters support. latinos and african-americans are more likely to be supporting the repeal of the death penalty than are whites and asian-americans. >> reporter: supporters of prop 34 want to replace the death penalty with life in prison without parole. their campaign spokesman said it can save the state $130 million every year which is why they are not surprised to see the poll turn their way.
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>> the truth, we are spending money on something that simply doesn't work. we have in the last 34 years sentenced 900 people to death and we have carried out 13 executions. that means 99% of the time when we said this person was going to be executed we lied. >> reporter: those who want to keep the death penalty believe that this will not save the state money, rather, it's a matter of public safety because the death penalty could deter criminals. >> talk to police officers, deputy sheriffs, those that are out on the front lines every day, they will tell you that they know that without having the possibility of the death penalty out there, you know, their lives are at stake. we don't think those numbers are ak rapt. >> reporter: whether they are accurate or not will only matter on election day but even the field poll director says it's not going to be easy for
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either side to get above 50%. >> the question is, will it make it above 50% by election day? i don't know. this is a really uncertainty. >> reporter: so one more note about prop 34 that it's supposed to shift state money. the savings that you get from getting rid of the death penalty process, getting rid of all those legal fees is supposed to move over to law enforcement and crime labs and the idea for that is to put more resources into solving current crimes including murders and reported rapes. so there are a lot of different issues involved with prop 34. ken? >> yeah. it looks like people maybe they're changing from years past here in california. we'll see. grace lee, thank you. well, south bay races taking a nasty turn. it's all about the wording on a campaign mailer that one of the candidates says is meant to tap into the ugly side of voters. cbs 5 reporter len ramirez on what it could mina very close race. >> reporter: i've covered san jose politics for a lot of
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years but have never seen city council races quite like this. it's all about pension reform and the forces for and against it. it has turned civil campaigns into bitter battles. >> fiscal responsibility is definitely needed in city hall. >> reporter: johnnie and robert bronstein both have solid reasons for getting into san jose politics. >> crime in san jose is at its highest rate in 10 years so we need to fully staff the police department. >> reporter: but in these the final days of a tight race for the city council seat in district 10, the campaign has taken a nasty turn. >> i think some of these pieces are racist and i don't know any other way to explain it. >> reporter: khamis say this is a thinly veiled attack on his palestinian heritage around a darkened image of him it says arab-american leaders mobilize their constituents, too extreme. >> arab extremists is on the news every day trying to paint me an an extremist and i think
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that's despicable. >> we didn't have control over that and i know johnny's feelings were hurt by that. >> reporter: the mailer didn't come from mr. bronstein but came from a firefighter's pac that supports him. >> we didn't line it and i wish it didn't come out but i don't think there was anything factually wrong in the piece. i thought that, you know, it tried to point out some economic extreme economic points that he takes. >> reporter: with the future of pension reform hanging until the balance it has been a bitter and expensive political season for several candidates running for san jose city council. an alleged sign stealing incident caught on tape has tainted the campaign in district 8. >> get away from me! >> get away from me you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: do you think a lot of that stuff is true? >> no. >> reporter: voters are flooded with hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of hit pieces in their mailboxes and they are getting tired of it. >> i don't even read it. i don't. it just to me is a waste of paper, waste of a tree. >> reporter: in the district eight council race rose herrera
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is also the target of a hit piece targeting race. the piece points out that she not a latina. her maiden name is jesse. her married name from a previous marriage is herrera. she says that was insulting. >> thank you, len ramirez. checking bay area headlines this evening, parts of a big rig are hauled away after the overturned truck shut down interstate 680 near pleasanton. chp says a big rig driver was northbound before drifting on the shoulder and overcorrecting. his rig crashed into the center divider and then flipped over. most of the wreck spilled across all of the southbound lanes. and take a look at this. this is near the stoneridge exit on 680. all lanes are open now but it was a mess. traffic is still backed up.
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the freeway was a parking lot for most of the afternoon. all lanes reopened about an hour ago. again, a live look from chopper 5. let's go upstairs and you can see that those two big rig tow trucks are hooking up what's left of that double tractor-trailer and pulling it out. and traffic is beginning to slowly returning to normal in the southbound direction. thousands of transit riders waited for shuttles in san francisco after muni halted metro service this morning. the stations from embarcadero to west portal shut down for three hours after a train struck and killed a man walking in the tunnel. it's unclear why he was in there. muni service resumed around 10:30. san francisco police cracking down on homeless campers in the castro district. today crews removed some benches that used to be there at the harvey milk plaza outside the muni station. police fielded a lot of complaints about the homeless
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sleeping on the benches. like oh, no. they are not doing this again. >> armed with a baseball bat, how a bay area mother fought off burglars in her bathrobe. >> good friday evenly to you, meteorologist paul deanno with your forecast. and if you are a fan of cloud cover i strongly encourage you to go outside and soak it in now because there aren't going to be many clouds in the forecast. find out how long we're going to stay sunny coming up. >> this man thought he was being watched. and he was right. >> you can very clearly identify me getting out of the car with my two daughters. >> who is taking thousands of photos and why there's a good chance you're in them. coming up next. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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video helped lead to a man's accused of attacking a muni station agent. police say san francisco police say this video helped lead to a man who is accused of attacking a
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muni station agent. police say the suspect cyclist kicked and punched the worker repeatedly after he told him bikes are not allowed on the platform. this happened last month at the van ness station. the agent is still recovering from his injuries and cannot go back to work yet. the 20-year-old suspect faces 3 felonies charges. two women targeted by burglars twice in as many weeks take matters into their own hands. cbs 5 reporter da lin, what happened? >> reporter: ken, the woman was really fed up that the two burglars targeted her health twice in two weeks, so she picked up a bat and went after the burglars and their car. reporter: a 55-year-old woman used this aluminum baseball bat to chase off two would-be burglars, their second attempt to break in, in nine days. the woman declined to talk on
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camera. her 22-year-old daughter says her mother wanted to make sure the burglars don't return by confronting them. >> it had happened a week ago and probably knew what was going on and so she was like, oh, no. they are not doing this again. >> reporter: the family is still shaken up and asked me not to identify them or the house. it happened last friday morning around 9:30 on saint james drive. police say the two men in their 20s first rang the doorbell. when no one responded, they smashed this window to try to get in. it turned out the homeowner was home. >> she was in her bathrobe and grabbed this bat and chased up the stairs and swept it into their trunk. >> reporter: wait a minute here. so your mom was in a bathrobe. >> yeah. her crime-fighting outfit, yeah. >> reporter: and in her blue fuzzy bathrobe, the woman tells me she swung at the burglars' car as they sped off, denting the car's trunk. piedmont police say while they understand her frustration, them people to avoid confronting the bad guys.
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>> it's best just to be a good witness, get good information on the description of the vehicle, the suspects. >> reporter: police say those same burglars tried to break in on october 17th and that time the daughter this young woman here was home and scared them away. >> the first time i was scared because it was like they could have been in my house. >> reporter: the family fells me -- >> reporter: the family tells me before these latest attempts, someone successfully broke into the house twice in the last several years. police are still looking for those two men and unfortunately, the homeowner doesn't have a good description of the suspects. the police say they have seen an increase in residential burglaries here in piedmont and say 10% more than last year. >> da lin reporting live from piedmont, thank you. whether you parked in front of your house or at a red light there is a good chance you and your car are under surveillance
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and you have no idea. one bay area man thought he was being watched and found out he was right. cbs 5's allen martin on who is scanning your every move. >> reporter: whether it's cell phones, gps or email, the intersection of technology and privacy was paved long ago. back when the internet was known as the information superhighway. now it seems the road is wide open and wherever it leads you're not only being watched, you're being photographed. >> it was obvious there was something ditch about the police car. >> reporter: he had he heard about the police department's license plate scanner and saw the specially equipped car and began to wonder. he asked for public records and photos. >> i simply requested not just information about both my cars that have been photographed by the license plate scanner but requested details about how many records they had gathered since the system started being used. >> reporter: to his surprise over two years police had taken
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about 120 pictures of him and his car one a week, one in his car, one close by, one where he was at home. but to mike all of them showed disturbingly personal information. >> in at least one of those pictures you can clearly identify me getting out of my car with my two daughters when i'm at the library, a friend's house on a different street or in front of the coffee shop. >> technology is a critical aspect of law enforcement in today's age. >> reporter: in the bay area san leandro police have had the scanner since 2008. >> this is a great resource for us. >> reporter: the lieutenant says the license plate scanner can alert officer of violent criminals behind the people. he says it's helped solve an armed carjacking, burglary, even a murder in las vegas. >> we're not worried about the other things that people are doing that are legal. >> reporter: many are unconvinced. >> right now it's the wild, wild west out there. there are no limits. >> reporter: the south bay state senator joe simitian
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offered a bill to limit how long police agencies could keep the license plate information. under intense lobbying by law enforcement and private companies, simitian dropped the legislation. >> we have private sector companies with half a billion records of motorists' movements. they are sharing that information. sometimes with law enforcement. sometimes with banks. who knows who else will have access to the information. >> reporter: this surveillance video shows an arrest at arden fair mall in sacramento. secure guards using of the license plate scanner have recovered nearly 70 stolen cars in their parking lots in four years. guards say the scanners have led to arrests for shoplifting, identity theft, even parole violations. >> this is a picture of me about to get into my car and head off to work. >> reporter: mike says it's not the outcome of the use of the scanners that he has a problem with. it's the information retention. >> my issue with the license plates scanners isn't that they recognize these plates. it's that they are retaining this database of information on people and they are keeping
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that information indefinitely. i don't think that's legitimate. >> reporter: allen martin, cbs 5. >> right now, san leandro keeps its scan information indefinitely but says it is looking into policies that would change that. san francisco and san jose are among more than a dozen bay area police agencies also using those scanners along with the california highway patrol. speaking of change, we have to change those clocks this weekend, huh? >> oh, yes. we are falling back. >> temperatures are going up to record high levels as soon as we are falling back. the sunset will be early. but before that sunset we'll be talking about temperatures in the 80s. mostly cloudy outside right now. clouds roll in in the afternoon. what a gorgeous sunset from the mount vaca cam. oakland warm at 67.
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san francisco cool at 59. we're wrapping up the workweek in concord. set your clocks back saturday night one hour. replace the batteries in the smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. do that every six months to keep safe. here's the setup in the atmosphere. things are very active. this is the time of year where things are activity. the question is, is there something blocking the storms from making it to the bay area? earlier this week the answer was no. we got some rainfall on halloween. now the answer is yes. you can see the rain is only making it down to extreme northern california. crescent city will see some rage. ukaih will see some rain but not san francisco not the bay area because high pressure is building in. it's building in from the south and west. so we're still getting some of the cloud cover from the front but not the rainfall. as it gets bigger and stronger it's going to kind of act like a bouncer and the only thing it's going to let in through the front door is sunshine. everything else is going to go up to british columbia.
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high pressure is not going to move, our weather is not going to change. it's all about the 70s this weekend, mainly sunny skies, record highs possible on monday and tuesday and the rain stays away for at least five or six straight days. 70s tomorrow. livermore 76. mountain view beautiful day sunshine 73 degrees. your extended forecast low 80s inland on sunday, mid- 80s possible on monday and tuesday. near the bay we're talking about mid- to upper 70s, sunday, monday and for election day even 70s at the coast. wednesday a little cooler. a little cloudier but still dry but check the change. this time next week, we're going to have rain likely and highs likely only in the 50s. so please enjoy the sunshine while we have it which we will all weekend long. that's your cbs 5 forecast. >> thank you. breaking ground on a major new supermarket. why this means much more than food for a bay area community. >> we are going to die. you don't understand! >> desperation growing by the
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hour in the disaster zone. our best look yet at the areas crippled by sandy. ,,, ,,,,,,
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when i see that our schools are 47th in spending per student, i just can't accept that. our schools shouldn't be 47th in anything. ,,,,,, proposition 38 bypasses sacramento, and makes education a real priority- with the funding, to our local schools and the accountability from our local schools... that we'll need to improve student learning in every classroom. so we can stay 47th... or we can choose proposition 38. i'm voting yes on 38...
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east oakland is getting a major new supermarket its first in 20 years. today, foods co held a groundbreaking ceremony to mark the start of construction. this is in foothill square on mcarthur boulevard by 108th avenue. the 80,000-square-foot supermarket will also bring more than 100 jobs. >> we really felt for a long time that we tailors have skipped over oakland -- retailers have skilled over oakland and oaklanders deserved quality places to shop. >> the supermarket is set to open in about a year. the ipad mini is on sale today at apple stores but the
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new gadget only attracted mini lines. analysts say because it costs more than the competing products already on the market from amazon and google. the wi-fi version of the ipad mini is on sale today. the cellular model is on sale next month. coming up in the next half hour the struggle to recover from hurricane sandy. >> we are going to die! we're going to freeze! we got 90-year-old people! >> our closest look yet at the hardest-hit areas and the iconic race that's a victim of the storm. >> spinning the numbers to their own advantage. how the presidential candidates are using the new unemployment figures as fuel for their campaign. >> california's mystery lottery winner comes forward. you will see the widow who almost let her fortune slip away and why she won thanks to a case of car sickness. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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now at 6:30: tempers running high in the areas hardest-hit by superstorm sandy. wire a
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we're going to die. get the trucks here now. >> tempers running high in areas hit by superstorm sandy. many areas in the northeast getting back to normal but thousands still struggling to get back on their feet. here's the latest. at least 110 people have died from that storm. and that number may rise as search efforts continue. more than 3 million homes and businesses now are without power. that's down though from the height of more than 8 million at the beginning of the storm. damage estimates are expected to reach 50 billion. cbs reporter alison harmelin is in new jersey where the state is crippled without power, roads and gas. >> reporter: good evening, dana. the wind is whipping up again we're told that another snowstorm is on the way and as if things couldn't get worse on the coast, the island behind me
6:29 pm
is actually being condemned. business is going strong off the back of this u-haul outside seaside heights. entrepreneurs are selling generators and five gallon tanks of gas are going for $50. >> we stood in line for four hours to get gas for our generator. >> reporter: federal and local officials have promised more fuel is on the way. but for now, aaa estimates 60% of gas stations in new jersey are shuttered with either no gas or no power to pump it. crews are struggling to reach seaside heights the famous boardwalk and surrounding communities took a direct hit. engineers have now deemed the area uninhabitable and state police are telling people to evacuate. >> once you're allowed to go there you're not going to believe what you see. homes that have completely disappeared. you don't know where they went. >> reporter: across the state, morning a million people are still without power. and the temperatures are dropping at night. >> can't do nothing without power. you need your heat, you know? got to take showers, stay clean and stuff. >> reporter: in one of the hardest-hit areas the home
6:30 pm
behind me was picked up off its foundation, dropped in the lot behind it and now it's teetering on the verge of collapse. on long beach island houses are in ruins. they worry whether the community will bounce back ever. >> it's like a desert wasteland. >> reporter: sights like this dot. jersey coast. flattened homes are lifted off foundations, sliced in half, waffles and floors blown away. now, state troopers and the national guard are out in force on the island. they are enforcing mandatory evacuations. that doesn't mean they're asking. they are telling. residents who are still on the island are being told they must leave. if they don't want to leave they are being escorted by law enforcement off the island. live in toms river, new jersey, i'm alison harmelin. back to you. >> thank you. similar scenes of destruction in staten island, new york. sandy left a tangled mess of
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boats in the marina. new york's governor says the state pledges $100 million for relief efforts. but people there say that they are not getting enough help. >> we're going to die! we're going to freeze! we got 90-year-old people! >> meanwhile, manhattan is still struggling with flooding, power outages and a traffic disaster. many trains not running yet. so the city is demanding all drivers have at least two passengers to enter the city. the storm forced the cancellation of the world's largest marathon. new york mayor michael bloomberg canceled the new york city marathon today. it with obviously held sunday. before he canceled the marathon -- it we have been held sunday. before he canceled the marathon a lot of new yorkers were complaining that the extra police officers, the bottled waters and generators for the marathon should go to the storm victims instead. this is the first time ever the marathon has been canceled. meanwhile utility truck, from california are headed to
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the disaster zone to help in relief efforts. the military loaded the utility trucks into giant cargo planes at the air base in riverside county. they will help restore electricity and humanitarian aid to the storm victims. and we are proud to announce that our parent company cbs corporation has contributed $1 million to the american red cross. in addition, cbs corporation will match any contributions made by its employees to any sandy-related relief effort by making an additional contribution to the american red cross. four days before election day president obama and mitt romney are campaigning in swing states. cbs reporter danielle nottingham shows us that they have their own spin on the new jobs report. reporter: armed with the latest jobs numbers, president obama and republican rival mitt romney are battling it out over the economy. >> and unless we change course, we may well be looking at another recession. >> we have made real progress. but we are here today because we know we have more work to
6:33 pm
do. >> reporter: employers added 171,000 jobs in october. but with more americans looking for work, the unemployment rate moved up slightly from 7.8 to 7.9%. romney told voters in wisconsin, he can do better. >> this is not a time for america to settle. >> no. >> we're four days away from a fresh start. >> reporter: in ohio, president obama made the case he is moving the country forward. >> we know what change looks like. and what the governor's offering ain't it. >> reporter: ohio could decide who wins the white house. not only are the candidates spending a lot of time there in these closing days. they're bombarding voters with fresh tv ads. >> who will do more for the auto industry? >> reporter: mitt romney is airing a new commercial in ohio saying workers in china benefited from the auto bailout. at a rally outside columbus, the president fired back. >> you don't scare hard working americans just to scare up some votes.
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>> reporter: with the race tight in nine swing states, both candidates will sprint through battleground states this weekend trying to win over a shrinking number of undecided voters and get their supporters to the polls. danielle nottingham, cbs news, the white house. it was an influx of cash meant to help defeat prop 30 and support prop 32. but for now, we will not know who is behind the $11 million donation from arizona. the state appeals court said late today that those donors can remain a secret. state election watchdogs had sued to find out who is behind the group americans for responsible leadership. this case will likely drag on well past election day. well, this year your holiday turkey might come with a sign of sticker shot. coming up in tonight's consumerwatch how much more you
6:35 pm
should expect to pay for your thanksgiving feast. >> and california's mystery millionaire finally stepping forward. we'll show you the mother of special needs children who just won a $23 million jackpot. good evening, roberta gonzales live at the university of california in berkeley home of your cal bears. a very late arriving crowd tonight. we'll talk about why they are so tardy as eyewitness news continues right here on cbs 5. ,,,,,,,,,,
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this is hayden.
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,,,,,,,,,, that's elizabeth. and that's skyler... and his mom, nancy. they're just a few of the californians who took it on themselves to send you a message about what they need to restore years of cuts to their schools. prop thirty-eight. thirty-eight raises billions in new revenue - bypasses sacramento and sends every k through 12 dollar straight to our local schools... every school. for them. for all of us. vote yes on thirty-eight. a popular desk toy won't be rolling off the assembly lie any longer. as a popular desk toy won't be rolling off the assembly line any longer. >> as cbs 5 consumerwatch reporter julie watts tells us buckyballs are going buh-bye. >> reporter: after a long hard
6:38 pm
fight the maker of buckyballs is giving in and discontinuing production of these little magnetic balls. the government has been after the company for years due to numerous reported injuries as a result of swallowing the powerful little magnets. many of the cases in children and teens resulted in internal injuries when the magnets stuck together in the intestine. it's estimated at least 1700 people have been hospitalized in three years. the maker says it's pulling the product because of, quote, baseless and relentless legal badgering by the government. it will sell the remaining stock on its website but won't make any more. as if the holidays weren't expensive enough due to the drought many thanksgiving staples will be more expensive everything from turkey to cider costing more this year. stuffing and pumpkin pie ingredients are expected to cost 4% more. the price of turkey and butter are up 5%. and apples and apple cider topped the list with a 20 to 30% increase over last year.
6:39 pm
so in an effort to help you save, we're turning to the experts with our consumerwatch mommy blogger challenge but don't let the name fool you. any frugal folks can apply. go to consumerwatch. we posted our own thanksgiving menu and are challenging you to help us save. we'll go shop with the person who comes up with the lowest total price on our list of thanksgiving staples and feature creative money saving tips right here on cbs 5. >> well, hurry, because thanksgiving is right around the corner. >> less than a month away. >> i know. >> and then christmas. okay. thank you. she only had a dollar in her pocketbook. but 23 million waiting in the wings. >> once in a while, i'll hit the floor on my knees and scream. >> the lottery winner comes forward finally. why the disabled widow won thanks to a case of car sickness. >> friday evening and the radar
6:40 pm
is clear right now. just a few showers about 50 miles west of bodega bay. find out when we may see record high temperatures. your forecast coming up. vern glenn live from oracle arena in oakland. it's almost time for warriors basketball! we'll come back and set the table for the home opener straight ahead. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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multi-million dollar jackpot multi-million dollar jackpot with just 25 days to spare. c-b-s re a super lotto winner claims her multi-million dollar jackpot with just 25 days to spare. cbs reporter amy johnson introduces us to the lucky southern california mother who is now $23 million richer. >> reporter: with tears in her eyes and surrounded by family, julie cevera arrived at the lottery office to claim her $23 million win. >> once in a while i'll scream. >> reporter: the winning reality is still setting in for this 69-year-old disabled widow
6:44 pm
who almost missed out on the super prize. >> i was like oh, my god that is me. >> reporter: the california lottery put out this photo this week when no one claimed the prize that was about to expire. in the photo her daughter charlene. the family stopped in palmdale last may where charlene bought the ticket. but the ticket would sit in the car console for five months until the photo appeared. >> and it was charlene. >> reporter: the mother admits she feared the worst that her daughter was in trouble. >> so i got the third pair, put them on, and it said, she won. >> reporter: she says the money has come just in time. >> i had a dollar in my pocket. [ laughter ] >> and they just shut my cable off. >> reporter: she had five children then adopted two foster sons. she is not sure if there are 18 or 19 grandchildren but knows they will be taken care of with the caption option payout of $17.8 million. >> my grandchildren been taken
6:45 pm
care of my daughters. i'm just so happy. going to buy me a pair of reeboks. >> reporter: it will take four to weeks for her to seat payout but one of the first things she will do is take her family to disneyland. in san bernardino, amy johnson, cbs 5. i'm going to disneyland! >> exactly where i would go. >> oh, yeah. >> and ride every ride 1,000 times in the special line. >> the lottery winner line. [ laughter ] >> that just means us you just bought the rides go as many times as you want. you may not have won the lottery but you are going to win some of the nicest weather anywhere in north america over the next couple of days. here's's peek at our new hi-def camera on the knight ridder building. mainly cloudy skies in the background and we'll stay cloudy overnight. we are also mainly cloudy at the oakland hills. saturday sunset officially
6:46 pm
6:08. on sunday, you will get the sun earlier in the morning but sunset is 7 minutes after 5:00. so we're "falling back" this weekend. nothing to complain about one extra hour to sleep. a few light showers off to the coast to the north and we'll stay dry as high pressure builds n here's the atmosphere setup. big storm system impacting the area similar to the front a couple of days ago but now there's an area of high pressure blocking the rainfall from making it into the bay area so yes, we have some cloud cover this afternoon, but we will not see any rain. that high pressure dome will get stronger. the storm track will get shifted way up to the north into oregon and washington not for us. it's all about this dome of high pressure acting like a bouncer not letting anything get close to us. we'll be mostly sunny for five days. we'll have temperatures above normal for the next five days.
6:47 pm
we may see record highs election day and monday. the weather won't change. this weekend not to record highs yet 70s at the bay and even at the coast approaching 70. monday and tuesday the peak of the heat low 80s inland that will be close to record highs. and the rain no rainfall for the next six to eight. it does come back about this time next week but not for several days. livermore more tomorrow about 6 degrees above average. downtown san francisco two degrees above normal with a high of 69. fremont 72. morgan hill 75. campbell 74. san mateo 70. gorgeous day in our inland communities. san ramon 75. benicia 74. 76 santa rosa. mid-60s along the coastline. daly city 67. and sausalito 68. sunny and warmer sunday, low 80s inland low to mid-80s on monday and tuesday upper 70s on election day near a record. wednesday we begin the cooling
6:48 pm
process, thursday cloudy and look at the weather this time next week. we are going from the 80s to the 50s in three details. roberta gonzales is live in berkeley tonight. cal fans have not done this for football ever. what's going on? >> reporter: i am here at the university of california in berkeley home of your. >> bears! whoo! >> reporter: and i have to tell you, this is the latest arriving group of people i have ever seen before. the game started at 6:00. they are still filtering in. alex, let's look at them right here. you know why? the number one reason is it's the very first time there's been a football game right here at cal on a friday night ever. so what happens, kids are still going to school. faculty still here. they are still using the parking lots. so all those people had nowhere to park. the number of one thing that they did was use mass transit and we talked earlier today to the mayor tom bates and this is his recommendation. >> people are cooperating and so far, all the reports are
6:49 pm
good that there's not been a particular problem. and we just hope it stays that way that people will come on public transportation and, you know, and have a great time. >> reporter: so i asked people earlier today how they did get to this football game and here's what they had to say. >> say good-bye. >> come on there. >> really nice mom. >> my car. >> where did you park? >> over in the back 40. >> and how was traffic? >> it was okay if you got here at 3:00. [ laughter ] >> took bart. >> bart. that he was the way to go. >> bart. >> bart. >> reporter: yes, the number one way most people did arrive here tonight was by using bart. again, we are at the campus memorial stadium right behind me here. quickly, can you introduce yourself? >> sam. >> lauren. >> tan in a. >> taylor, aubrey. >> reporter: freshmen here? >> whoo! >> reporter: do you know the
6:50 pm
score of the game right now? >> no. >> 7-0. >> reporter: it's currently 7- 0. we are in the 2nd quarter here. huskies are up but we still have a lot of faith in our bears. right, girls? >> yeah! whoo! >> reporter: live from memorial stadium at the university of california, in berkeley, eyewitness news will continue. we'll be right back.
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
report... vern?? thanks ken... there is a buz here's vern glenn live at oracle arena with tonight's sport report. >> reporter: there's a buzz in the air fans are filing in here at oracle arena. it is opening night for your golden state warriors. hosting the memphis grizzlies after the warriors won their first game of the season at phoenix just a couple of nights ago and there will be great anticipation. they traded away monta ellis to get him, we are talking about center andrew bogut finally healthy after that broken ankle. he was limited to 18 minutes in the game against the suns but finished with 8 points, 6 rebounded, one block shot. today coach marc jackson said that bogut will be limited to 20 to 25 minutes. i don't think he is happy with that but will just play it as it goes as they play the
6:54 pm
november schedule. i caught up with bogut today. >> first points. season scored by you. that had to have felt good after waiting over 11 months? >> definitely did. it's been a long time to get back on the floor and, you know, got a easy cheap bucket early. >> a bucket's a bucket, right? >> that's right. >> reporter: what was this like for you to wait so long and then to finally come out? >> agonizing, tough mentally physically draining. but, you know, that's part of being a professional sportsman is try and stay positive throughout these things and it was tough and rough, you know, half a year to a year. almost past this thing. and i'm back playing basketball. >> reporter: once you get in the game you don't want to come out. if i said there was maybe an imaginary harness pulling you off and keeping you on the bench would i be accurate? >> yeah, his name is mike jackson, coach jackson. [ laughter ] >> they are tough on coach
6:55 pm
because he is getting orders on the doctor. the dock it pressure, the trainer and the trainer is pressuring of the coach. i understand that but would have liked to play more minutes especially when phoenix went on a run in the 4th quarter i wanted to be out there. that's the way it is. i have to play it smart. >> reporter: you're all over the billboards. your face greets people as they drive into the oracle complex. >> probably not a good thing. [ laughter ] >> reporter: so much is essentially on you opening night. what are your thoughts about that? 18,000 fans looking at you. >> i can't wait. i'm excited. it was a big trade for the club. michael was a big part of the organization for so many years and beloved by the fans and hope to slide into that role and show them what i can do. i'm an excited to do. they are some of the best nba fans. it's loud. the place gets rocking and i'm excited to be part of it. there's panic in los angeles. the lakers have started off 0-2 despite adding the likes of the
6:56 pm
big fella dwight howard and now the injured steve nash. now, we are just kind of playing here because it's early in the season. but look at the standings. the mighty lakers in last place. already a game and a half behind the warriors. even though kobe bryant has won five nba titles with the lakers and they have a team full of veterans and superstars. the media has hammered the offense for their slow start. kobe's response to the criticism? >> me not trying to bite my tongue and not call them dumb. which i kind of just did. >> a lot of people say about phil and the offense and this that and the other. that tells you about some of these people. [ indiscernible ] right? >> i won and i can. mike it would be tough to say that but i say it for them. everybody shut up. at the end of the daily you be happy with the results. >> all right. before we run out the door, you
6:57 pm
got to see this play. this is crazy. okay? let's go to kansas for this one. in it, center didn't s. the quarterback was in the shotgun throws up the high snap. he comes away with it and goes all the way for a 76-yard touchdown. unbelievable play. a fitting end to this live shot here at oracle with the warriors trying to close business. highlights coming up on "the late show." back to you guys in the studio. >> you don't see that every day. >> see you at 10:00 and 11:00. captions by: caption colorado [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds."
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joey fatone: this is joey fatone. it's time to pl

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